Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just one wish..

There's one thing in my life that I want to achieve.. I would give up my car, my laptop and even my cats just to earn it...
What do I want?
I want to go to Hong Kong.. Badly.. One might say that Hong Kong is a boring city if they went there for holiday. Try living there for 2 years.. then you'll know how lovely it is. Of course the person that adds the sugar on top of all is, my late mum.
I don't want any money.. I am willing to spend all of my savings to go there. I just need a green light and I know that it won't be now..
Rezeki tak ada lagi...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hamilton wins F1!

Today's race was probably the most crazy race I've ever watched. Massa was in the first pole position while Hamilton started off in the fourth. Massa had to win first position + Hamilton above the fifth position (sixth position and up) in order to win the driver's championship. Instead, Massa won first and Hamilton, fifth. It was scary enough as Hamilton dropped to the sixth position in the very last lap! But weirdly enough, Timo Glock slowed down and led to Hamilton going back to the fifth position. Star Sports showed a slight delay of the race thank goodness RTM1 showed a live broadcast of the race so during the few last laps, I changed the channel. And that's when Vettel was so close to Hamilton. He passed him... and just made my heart shatter... damn I thought... I really don't want to know the whole explanation of Glock slowing down cause I just want Hamilton to win!

Congrats to Hamilton. He deserves to win.. even last year's race. 2 Nov 2008 marks the first black driver to win Formula 1.