Saturday, June 26, 2010

The past two days in a nutshell..

It has been a very relaxing day for me for the past two days.. Went out with my girlfriends on Thursday for a breakfast session at Aroma's Cafe (or something like that), accompanied Aaina to do some shopping for her family and friends (she's heading back to Malaysian on Tuesday for the holidays), lunch session at Satay Club and a nice movie session - Toy Story.
How's Toy Story? It was absolutely hilarious! And at the same time, I kinda cried.. it had some emotional element this time. Ok not kinda.. I did cry! Even Aaina who was sitting beside me.. And I think Mia and Rurry too!

Anyway, right after we had a nice pancake session at Pancake Manor. Well, to be honest, the place kinda gives me a creepy vibe.. The building was actually an old church. When I went in, I could see the high ceiling.. the church-like windows.. Pancake Manor is probably one of the recommended places if you go to the city (and for those who love pancakes) and it opens 24/7. Oh and it's one of the haunted places in Brisbane according to the Brisbane Ghost Tour website. Or probably it was cause I did wonder if it's 24/7, when can the ghostly figures emerge? Probably I should interview one of the old workers for a story ;-P Back to the creepy vibe, well, you know when sometimes you can feel something is not right? I had that feeling when I was in the place.. Nothing to do with it being an ex-church.. I guess it's due to the fact that the building was a very old building and probably had a lot of history along the way.. you know what I mean? I had to go back home alone right after cause the rest lives near the Uni and I kinda had the same feeling on the way back but thankfully I slept peacefully that night :-)

Anyway, the following day me and Aaina met two of our Canadian friends to give some inside tips and interesting places to visit in Malaysia. They are heading there on the 11th and on the 14th heading to Perhentian Island. It was a nice coffee session.. had a really nice cup of mocha at The Coffee Club in the city. The whole session lasted probably almost two hours (didn't look at the time) and after they left, me and Aaina walked around in the city and headed for Satay Club for a nice lunch session. Right after, walked around again.. Aaina bought some additional items for her family.. I bought some stuff too.. then during the evening, Rurry joined us for another round of coffee session.. right after, went around the malls again.. and went back home right after.

So let's just say I had two normal but fun days :)

Today I'll be making sure that I don't go out to avoid spending unnecessary things.. Tomorrow would be the same thing.. As for Monday, all of us (the usual fun bunch :) ) are heading to Seaworld.. some of the girls are staying over at my place cause it would be easier for us to hop on the train which is just situated in front of my apartment.

That's it! :-D

Breakfast session on Thursday (my cup is on the right side, below) Looks like a flower doesn't it? :)

My Egg Benedict with Salmon..

Yummy pancake at Pancake Manor but the place gave me the creeps..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A relaxing day :)

Today I decided not to go for another round of 'solo traveling'. My size 4 (or 5) feet is kind of tired and needs a short break.. Yep I have a tiny feet. Well not really tiny.. at times (if I'm lucky) I can fit in size 6 shoes (my current Lacoste shoes). :-P

Anyhoo, today I just went out to Indooroopilly shopping mall which is about 15 minutes away (by foot) but decided to hop on the bus instead. Went for a bit of grocery shopping.. bought some prawns, my fave smoke salmon, mineral water, juice, 2 for $4 croissant, olive grove spread, cabbage, barramundi, vegetable oil and a dozen of eggs. Oh speaking of eggs.. not that I just noticed or anything, but just a delayed reaction - HOLY COW! There are a huge range of eggs.. cage eggs (caged chickens), cage-free eggs.. eggs where the chickens eat only vegetables, organic eggs, XL eggs, cholesterol free eggs (this I know and noticed ages ago) and I haven't talked about the colour of the trays yet - Pink (for a foundation for Breast Cancer), Black, Yellow (bought that one! And it's the one where the chickens only eat veges. Haha!) and the normal grey..

After that, headed to the food court to eat my fave lamb+beef kebab.. but before that, I spotted Cotton On having a huge sale! They had a huge sign "UNDER $10". So what did I do? I went in, grabbed four items (3 of them was $10 and the other $7.50) paid for it.. then zoomed to Grab a Kebab. Bought green apple bubble tea with pearls to compliment the yummy meal and right after, headed home..

At first I wanted to watch one of the DVDs that I had rented.. I rented four of them yesterday - Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (wish it was Lewis Hamilton), Fighting, Elvis and Anabelle and Sunshine Cleaning. Instead, I decided to iron every single tshirt in my closet.. yeap.. I did.. Haha.
Anyway, my housemate is leaving for Malaysia for the one month break with her close friend.. right now she's doing a bit of packing and I reckon she'll be leaving in a bit.

Well that's basically it.. going to cook something nice tonight.. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 6: A trip to Ipswich :)

It's 6.10pm and I arrived home about an hour ago.. I had an exciting day today. Another day of solo traveling this time, Ipswich! To be honest, I intended to go to Toowoomba but there was a slight glitch..

7.15am - I woke up.. all pumped up to go for another round of solo 'discovery' and photo hunting.

Approx. 8.40am - Hopped on the train to Ipswich

Approx. 9.30am - Arrived Ipswich and decided to browse around the area before hopping on the bus to Toowoomba as according to the translink transport website.

About 10am, I went on the 516 bus.. wasn't sure where to stop but I had a bus map which showed the traveling route. As it went around the suburb, I couldn't find a single garden. Yes, my initial plan was to take pictures of the beautiful gardens in Toowoomba (the city dubbed as "The Garden City"). As the bus went around and almost returned to the same place that I hopped on, I decided to get off and walked around.. There wasn't a single garden around but it had a lot of old buildings with unique architectures..

Several minutes later, I decided to hop on the cab instead but before I did so, I asked the cab driver whether he could take me to any interesting gardens in Toowoomba. He had this very puzzled look when I asked him that.. At first I thought that I asked him wrongly.. perhaps the structure of my sentence was unclear. So again I repeated it in a different way.
Here's what happened next:

Taxi driver: "Do you know how far Toowoomba is?" (in a polite tone)
Elena: "Is it far?"
Taxi driver: "Do you know that this is Ipswich?"
Elena: "Yes I do.."
Taxi driver: "Toowoomba is 280 miles away from here.. It will cost you about 260 dollars..."

The moment he said the word 260 dollars, seriously I thought he was joking. I waited for a moment for him to say "Just kidding" or laugh.. unfortunately he didn't. I was puzzled at that moment.. thinking how can Toowoomba be so far away.. then it struck me that the website didn't detect Toowoomba as in Toowoomba itself... instead, a street called "Old Toowoomba Road" in Ipswich. Damn! Didn't want my trip to go to waste, I kindly asked the driver to take me to any interesting places or gardens that I could take pictures in Ispwich and he drove me to a nearby garden/park which had a nice Nature Centre which had Dingos, Red Legged Pademelons, birds, Kangaroos, pigs and such.. and to make things more exciting that it was FREE! After the whole admiration of the animals, I headed to the Japanese garden.. trust me it didn't look all Japanese at all.. but it is nice by the way :-)

After taking some pictures, I walked back to the area that I had hopped on the taxi.. walked around the area.. and I spotted this really neat antique store. It had so many old items.. from cameras to sports memorabilia.. And also, a second hand store which had guitars, bicycles, golf sets, xbox, psps, ps 2 and ps 3, cameras, video cameras, cell phones and so much more! I went insane in the store.. I wish I had a lot of money so that I could bring back a guitar, a mountain board and a mini dirt bike. After walking for about an hour plus around the town, I noticed that the place is essential for bargain hunters.. Basically the shops that I had encountered are either second hand stores or discount stores. Would I recommend people to go there? Yes, most definitely.. but that's if you have a lot of time to kill. :-)

Anyway, here are some pictures from the short trip:

Ipswich Post Office built in 1900

Red Legged Pademelon

It was actually yawning..

More pictures available but not uploaded.. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 5

It's 5.02pm right now and my day has been going on well.. At first I wanted to go out and explore other undiscovered areas but cause I felt rather tired, I woke up at almost 1pm today.
I paid my rent at 2pm, grabbed my fave salmon teriyaki and until now, I'm watching the other DVD - Drop Dead Diva. Did I type Drop Dead Gorgeous in the previous entry? Can't remember.. I finished watching the L word - sixth season (final) by the way. It was ok.. I mean I'm quite devastated that one of the characters died in the end.. I don't want to spill the beans incase any of you decided to watch it. Oh if you do, don't skip your way through season 4. No doubt you can follow the whole storyline well.. who's with who and all that.. except that some characters may no longer be in that season and new characters are brought in.. and it tends to be confusing whenever the ones remaining talk about the old characters. For instance, who's Jesse?

Anyway, I'm thinking of going for another round of solo traveling tomorrow. Not sure where yet.. but I guess I should sleep early tonight and go with the flow :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 4: Traveling wherever I please

7.15am - I was awaken by my alarm clock. At first I didn't feel like jumping off the bed and heading to the showers. But thinking about how the past few days I've been wanting to go out and discover new areas that nobody has mentioned to me and also take pictures of the place, I managed to pull myself out the bed and have a nice hot shower.

8.15am - I dropped off the three DVDs that I had borrowed through a small hole at Video Ezy where you can easily return the rented items during after hours. Video Ezy opens at 9.30am by the way.. no way I wanted to wait that long.

8.26am - The bus to Cultural Centre bus station located at the city arrives and I arrive safely at the city around 8.40ish..

9.06am - Exactly 9.06am, the bus to Redland Bay arrives (it runs every one hour on weekends) and I zoom off to my destination..

It was a rather long but exciting journey to be honest. According to the (Queensland public transport website), the journey would take me about 1 hour 40mins to my destination. Along the way, I spotted Stones Corner where I did google up for duty free stores in Brisbane and a few said that the area was one of the must-go places for bargain hunters however, most of the stores are no longer in operation. Now people go to DFO at the Brisbane Airport and Jindalee as well as Harbourtown. Anyway, at Stones Corner, I spotted a Triumph factory outlet store! For the ladies who wear Triumph undergarments (I used to but not anymore), I guess you should check out the store. I didn't stop to check it out but I did see some 50% off signs so I reckon the store may offer a neat deal :-) Yes, the area kind of look dead/empty from my seat view.. but you never know there might be an interesting shop hidden in the area!

So off I go passing a lot of stores, schools, churches and even forest.. while I had Victoria Point Lakeside in mind, I passed Cleveland which I noticed had a nice view of the marina, several interesting shops and also a market! I was hoping that the Victoria Point was side by side with Cleveland but apparently it was further up. As I arrived Victoria Point, I was quite devastated that it looked dead. Yes it is definitely a mall beside a lake however, it didn't have any view of the river. Apparently most of the shops are closed on Sundays so imagine only a few shops that were open! But of course I didn't have any regrets checking out the place.. at least I know how it looks like. :-)

After a couple of minutes strolling around the place, I decided to catch a cab to Cleveland. As I arrived, eureka! I hit the jackpot. It had a stunning view of the river.. well I was hoping that the 'trip' involved me seeing Moreton Island from Victoria Point but apparently it's further up. I guess some other time :-) I walked around the marina, checked out the local market, had a scrumptious Calamari & Chips for lunch, listened to a boy singing "Down" by Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne. Oh my goodness.... he was sooooooooo good! I gave him $4 and he was absolutely thrilled. I'm not sure what's the minimum of giving money to buskers but what the heck..

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I'll let the below pictures do the rest of the 'talking'.. :-D

1.35pm - I left Cleveland..

2.00pm something... - Arrived at Cultural Centre and headed to Queens Street for a dose of Chocolate Milk Tea with Pearls. Slrrrppp..... Then went to HMV just to kill the time. Went into MARCS, FCUK and a bookstore that I can't remember what it's called then headed back..

Before heading home I went to Video Ezy for another round of DVD marathon. Picked up the L word (final season) for the sake of finishing it and a new TV series entitled Drop Dead Diva.

At Victoria Point Lakeside

Welcome to Cleveland..

Petrol station :)

 Nice market.. :) But didn't get anything though..

Love these ornaments.. :)

 Entertainment of the day :)

 Looks like a Tiki..

Fish on Fire!

Calamari & Chips :)

Day 3 (delayed entry)

I just got back from a little outing but before I blog about it, here's what I did yesterday:

Yesterday was a rather relaxing day for me.. I promised myself to get up early and go to Victoria Point but instead, I woke up at almost 1pm. What did I do? I decided to have a nice lunch - Salmon Teriyaki from the Japanese restaurant opposite my apartment and watch the rest of the DVDs that I had borrowed. The DVD marathon lasted until about 11pm.. Watched the whole the L word (fifth season) and La Vie En Rose.

Apparently I've watched Desperate Housewives (fifth season) so yes, my $7.95 of rental went bye bye. But nevertheless, La Vie En Rose made the rest of my 'expenditure' worthy.. I've always wanted to watch it.. For years I've been searching for the movie but couldn't find it in Malaysia (or I didn't look at the right place). Thank goodness I spotted it at the video store :-) It makes me want to be fluent in French even more! I have the basics but yeah, just the basics.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 2 of my one month break

Welcome day 2.. I know I had a lot in mind to fill you in however, due to the fact that I woke up slightly late and that I was so curious to know what I got for my video assignment and report, I decided to cancel the plan which was - to hop on the train to wherever and take pictures! So I went to uni and with my heart thumping so fast curious what I was about to get for the assignment, I lifted up my paper which was in the box in front of my lecturer's office, went straight to the back page where he write our marks together with some comments, syukur Alhamdulillah, I got a "6-6+" over 7. :-D That's how they grade things here. It's on a scale of 1 to 7. Four is a pass.. 5 a distinction.. and 6 and 7 is excellent. I was so thrilled upon receiving the marks cause I knew that I worked so hard to produce the video and the report. I even went to see my lecturer twice before submitting the work.. just so that I was heading the right direction. It has definitely covered up my gloomy mood due to the exam that I knew I worked hard but I just couldn't do it.

Upon returning home, I decided to check out the video store behind my apartment. Since I have nothing better to do today, I grabbed the complete fifth season of Desperate Housewives, the complete fifth season of the L word (for the sake of continuing what I left out and it has nothing to do with Alice that people claim that I look like her but I will still deny that) and the movie that I've been wanting to watch for quite some time, La Vie En Rose featuring Marion Cotillard and Gerard Depardieu. Since I only have 3 days to rent for Desperate Housewives and it has seven discs, I'll definitely start watching that in a bit and watch the rest before the 7 days hire expire.

Depending on what time I wake up tomorrow, I may be taking those pictures. Just maybe... Off to become a desperate housewife!

Day 1 of my one month holiday

It's 12.45am right now and I promised myself that I would go to bed early. I had such a relaxing day with two of my friends - Mia and Aaina. Both me and Mia are done with our exams leaving Aaina (last exam on Wed) and the others - Nabila, Rurry and Zafri (last exam some time next week).

The day kicked off at 12pm where the three of us had a nice meal at Satay Club. I had Indo Fried Mee while Aaina had Peking Duck Rice or something and Mia had Chicken Rice. Yes, it was a satisfying meal.. Of course it's not the best if you compare with the dishes in Malaysia but for goodness sake, you can't compare! And don't ever convert the price AUD$10 for a dish into Malaysian ringgit otherwise you would feel turned off. Think of it as 10 ringgit.. (it's still pricey but whatever) :-D

We then went shopping for a few items.. well they did. I just went window shopping cause I didn't feel like splurging any money just yet. I have my eyes on the new Xbox 360 which comes out on the 1st of July. But, I can't promise that I would buy it nor I wouldn't! :-P After a couple of hours of browsing and purchasing (referring to them), we then decided to have a nice hot drink and some desserts. Mmm... love the fruit flan! After the session, Aaina decided to takeaway some food at Satay Club for dinner but all of us then diverted our plan and decided to walk around South Bank :-D We found a nice spot for us to lie on the grass and had a nice chat about random things. It got a tad chilly after awhile then we then shifted our way back to the city.. it's just about 5minutes walking distance by the way.

All of us not wanting to go back home early claiming that "the night is still young..". Well it was actually! We then decided to have a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant called Madtongsan II. Can't remember what the dish was called but it had this weird but funny name consisting the word "dub" and "bub". We had a bowl of rice and spicy squids. Mmm....!

Right after, we went to the Asian grocery store below the restaurant then 7-eleven - Aaina wanted to buy some stuff. Then went back home :-D

Despite the day sounding as though it was just like an ordinary outing.. nothing special but truthfully, I had a wonderful time. It was such a highlight of the week! Of course, in addition, I managed to relax my thoughts and forget about the exam yesterday... :-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeding my soul with good food, music and DVDs.

I'm back home.. well my exam ended at 1.30pm but decided to go buy some groceries to feed my soul. Truthfully I wanted to go to the city but I hopped on the wrong bus.. Well actually I was aware that the bus I was about to enter was not the right bus (it only goes to Toowong which is where I usually stop and hop on another bus straight home). But I don't know why.. my body just went straight in. Idiot. What did I do then? I diverted my plan and decided to go grocery shopping at Toowong mall and have a nice kebab alone..

Another insane thing happened was that after buying groceries and having the scrumptious kebab, I hopped on the bus back home.. While normally I would hop on any bus that stops at the bus stop near a pub cause one of my friends once told me that all of the buses that stops there passes through my apartment. So I blindly hopped on the "Fig Tree via Taringa" bus. Normally I would hop on the others such as "Kenmore", "Moggil" or "Chapel Hill". Suddenly... instead of passing through my apartment, it went to another direction further away from my apartment! So yes, I walked back home.. down and up a hill.. thank goodness it wasn't very far but still, what a day....!

How did my exam go? I wish I could curse.. but I know that it wouldn't change a thing. I am positive that I studied hard for this exam. I studied day and night for the past week or more. I must say, it's the best record that I've ever accomplished! I read the whole 548 pages of text book. Went through the online quiz.. even repeated some of the chapters (both quiz and textbook). Extracted some important information that I felt that I need to memorise.. Basically, I was glued to my table. What an accomplishment. So I thought.. I had to answer 50 multiple choice questions, 2 short answers out of 5 and another essay on our group performance. I must say that out of the three sections, the only one that I think I did well is the essay question. Which only weighs 20%. I'm pretty worried with Part B (short answer) as out of 5 questions, I only knew one! So yes, the other question that I had selected, I blindly answered it. And yes, I answered it wrongly. I just checked it.

Anyway, I don't want to say anything further in regards to the exam. At this moment, I'm just hoping that I do pass and as for the other three courses, I do hope that I excelled in it. I told my dad about this.. and he told me to not worry and now to pray to God that everything will be fine. It's a nice feeling to receive such message..

I'm going to go watch my DVD now.. it's the only thing I can do to calm my mind.

One month break here I come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomorrow's my exam

Tomorrow's my exam and all I have to say for today is:

"Ya Allah, kuatkan lah ingatanku, lapangkanlah dadaku dan tenangkan fikiranku ketika menjawab peperiksaan esok. Amin."

Monday, June 14, 2010


When was the last time that I had to understand and memorize vital informations for an exam? When was my last exam again? Degree... degree.. Ah, yes.. May last year! Now it's a whole month now, I'm kinda getting a bit rusty!
Like during diploma and degree, my method of studying for exams is by reading the whole text book. Yep you heard me right. I tend to read the whole textbook due to the fact that I don't believe in short notes. While some people tend to write mini notes and fold an A4 paper into small sections, I just can't do that. Ok actually I can but I just don't and won't..
As mentioned before, this Wed is my exam and I managed to read the whole 548 pages of textbook. Whether I managed to understand or memorize the content, is a different story. I'm reading certain chapters another round to make sure I do memorize vital information such as EPF MEN.
What's that?

How to deal with resistance to change:

1. Education and communication
2. Participation and involvement
3. Facilitation and support
4. Manipulation and cooptation
5. Explicit or implicit coercion
6. Negotiation and agreement.


My lunch :)

I just got back from the mall.. Just a quickie cause I have an exam on Wed - Managing Organisational Behaviour. It's a pretty interesting course to be honest. It's very new to me.. Previously I did my diploma in Mass Communication and as for degree, I majored in Journalism. I'm studying a lot of new courses for my MA (Organisational Communication). Despite it has "Communication" in its title, however, most of them are relatively new to me and it's more of a management thing. As mentioned, this semester I'm studying Managing Organisational Behaviour and three others which are Communication & Organisation, Issues & Crisis Management (love it!) and lastly Business Negotiation. What's in store for the upcoming semester? So far I've enrolled for the Cross Cultural Management, Communication Management, Quantitative Business Research Methods and Marketing Communication Management. Yes management, management, management. Teehee. But nevertheless I look forward what's in store for the new semester.

Was thinking of having kebab for lunch but figured, I wanted something for a change. Voila! A bunch of Tamagos (egg rolls) and Salmon! Yes both are my fave! And of course, two pens for Wed. :)

Lewis Hamilton wins the Montreal F1 race!

It's 10.30am right now and I was hoping that I woke up an hour in prior. I lost an hour due to me day dreaming. What I have in store for today is to hop on the bus to Indooroopilly shopping mall and go buy a pen for Wednesday. Of course it doesn't involve just that. I'll buy my scrumptious kebab (lamb+beef) and a cup of Bubble Tea. Bloop bloop bloop...

Got up and went straight to my laptop just to see the results for last night's F1 race in Montreal.Yep I had a huge feeling that Hamilton would win! And yes, I've always been routing for him since he entered F1! He's such a great driver.. young but highly professional. It doesn't matter what people say about his attitude (if he does truly have one) cause in the end, he always wins the race! Ok maybe I exaggerated with the always. If there aren't any crashes or any problems with his car during race or pit stop, I often see him up on the podium :) Last week he won the race in Turkey. I do hope he wins for the upcoming races cause I do want to see him clinch the title this year. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go head for the showers and go buy myself the pen and the dose of kebab. It's yummy you know.. it's unlike the ones you get in Pasar Malam in Malaysia. The vegetables are very fresh and crunchy and the meat... MashaAllah.. indescribable! Haha. Ok I exaggerated on that one too. But it's nice..

Before I sign off for just a couple of hours, here's a picture of Lewis Hamilton and his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Dolls. Nah... I'm not jealous. I'm already engaged for goodness sake! If I want a racer from the start, I would've dated a kart-racer and hope that he goes into F1! Cause it would be highly impossible to skip my way through to F1 right? :)

Photo taken from:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do I look like.... a lesbian?

Hello again.. to whoever's reading this. Farhana? haha. Here's a weird entry from me.. well actually it's something that has been ongoing in my life which is.... people think that I look like Alice from "the L word". Yes, that lesbian tv series. At first one of my close friends mentioned about it but since I never watched it and didn't intend to, I just googled up the person and had forgotten about it. That was two years ago I think.. Oh and she also said that I walk, talk and make jokes like her.

End of last year one of the BTN participants told me the same thing. At first I thought she said "El Wood".. Or "Elle Woods" as in the character played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Then the next day, I remembered that my friend mentioned about "the L word" and when I asked the person, and she said "yes..".

There were also a few people here said the same thing... so weird lah.. what did I do next? A couple of weeks ago I went to Video Ezy situated behind my apartment to accompany my housemate to rent some dvds when I spotted the TV Series. Curious what the series is about, I rented it.. and skipped my way through the fourth season. The final season is the sixth season by the way. So yep I watched it.. monitoring closely at Alice.. I guess what's similar is our forehead.. our wide forehead.. the rest I'm not too sure.. What do you think?

Oh just a little bit of review on the L word, well, it's an interesting tv series. I mean for those who are homophobic, don't watch! Of course there are scenes of you know what but other than that, the storyline is pretty intriguing.. the ups and down of their life. Not all of them are young by the way.. you'll have a lecturer, a hairstylist, a rich chick, a journalist, a chauffeur...etc.. semua perempuan lah!

This is Alice... do I look like her?

Alice is not her real name.. can't remember what's her real name.. but she also has a band (a real life band) called Uh Huh Her.

The state of my desk

Exam is coming up.. Wednesday to be precise and I have a whole lot of junk on my table. I have a tin of cream wafers, two box of cereals (Milo and Crispix), two bottles of mineral water, a stack of postcards that I've yet to send to whoever, my only music album - Glee (I've left the others in Malaysia), books, papers, stationaries all over the desk... you name it!

Oh and currently it's freeeeeeezing! Hence, the purple fleece blanket on the chair.
Well it's not as freezing as London. It's Brisbane!

April 25, 2010.. The day I turned 24

Is it too late to post a picture of my birthday celebration? I organised a small BBQ poolside party in conjunction to my 24th birthday. Invited very close friends.. we had steak, lamb, sausages, cake, some snacks, potato salad and kuehs. Oh and after the whole eating, I was thrown into the pool and my housemate even threw flour all over my head.. sweet!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What else happened?

In May 2010, I was featured in a teen magazine in Malaysia called REMAJA.

For the past few months since my last update, I'm now in Brisbane, Australia doing my Masters Degree in The University of Queensland

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I have this tendency of posting one or two posts then attempt to try a new blog site. If you google up my name, I'm pretty sure you'll come across some of my old blogs. I've tried wordpress, something diary.. friendster's blog.. a lot to be honest. But only this particular site, I've been a bit more loyal. :)

Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words so below are pictures of my university and some of my classmates: