Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh my dear head..

I've been waking up with a throbbing head lately... probably due to the heavy load of thinking the past couple of weeks. I have so many things to think of and due to this, I can't seem to keep everything on track.. I just finished my Asian Politics test which was a very scare for me due to me knowing very little on politics and general knowledge. Thank goodness it's over and whether I did well, not to the extent that I am very pleased as others had higher marks. But anyway, what's done, is done..

Next is my very huge task which is making the 20th colloquium happen. It's this coming Saturday by the way.. and I have yet to think and conduct so many things. Thank goodness for the people around me who are busy helping me out.. I was rather afraid when no one started doing anything two weeks ago.. but, everything is in order.. the team managed to get 3 speakers, the banners and posters are up, the invitation letters has been distributed and the goodies for the goodie bag is in process of purchase and searching for sponsorships. So what am I worried to the extent that my head is throbbing really hard? The fact that I am the project manager and I've never actually had the opportunity to organize a somewhat big event in my faculty, that's the reason! This is something new.. of course that I am grateful and pleased that I was chosen to lead the team but I'm curious what others think of me? I hope they don't think I'm pushy nor too relax?

I wanted to keep things cool as we are all grown up and we are university students so our brains are well developed. I hope my interpretations are true..well, so far, yes :-)

Once that's done, I have so many other big projects for other subjects like the French dialogue video for my French class, the investigative video for my investigative reporting subject, 3 articles on economic crisis, a research for my mass media and society class... oh and the report and presentation on interpersonal relationships for my interpersonal communication class.. The list goes on and on but the ones that I have mentioned are the critical ones..

It's 7.30pm right now and I have to now baby sit my little brother Eshan while my parents has gone to a tahlil just infront of our house.. he wants pizza so I'll probably bring him to the one in Tesco in a short while..

Monday, March 2, 2009

it's already March!! @#$%

Uh Oh.. It's already March and that means..... the Colloquium is just around the corner! (28th March) and the worst part is that, my team and I are just about to start searching for the place and speakers for the event. I was appointed as the director for the talk but of course, having the designation means nothing as everyone must work together and equally as this is part of our Magazine Production subject. I've already made my 0wn checklist last week.. every little detail I've typed them down.. (i hope!). Just so that I would not forget.. (double I hope!). Farhana, the secretary for the talk has been helping me out with the letters and also following me to FTMSK, APB and Engineering faculty to book three different 'halls' to do the event. Thank you Farhana as things would be in slight delay if you weren't around..

Right now I'm just checking out the upcoming assignments that I have to get done. A lot.. but I am not in the mood to do any of them at the moment as this upcoming talk is making my heart beat really fast. I'm nervous that things would not go as smooth as I am expecting it to be.. I'm afraid that there wouldn't be any speakers that would want to be one of the speakers.. (3 in total).

I vow to myself that I would get everything done this week.. the most important thing is - the place and speakers.