Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 years :)

25th of February is one of the dates that I must not forget. It's the date that Azmin (or better known as Min) and I got to know each other. We've been course mates for almost 5 years now but it was 3 years ago that we got to know each other more in-depth. It's not the date that we became an item. That's on the 10th of June.

On this very date onwards, I got to know him more.. his character.. what he enjoys.. what he dislikes.. Of course I only knew his existence during my 2nd semester and he said he already spotted me during the 1st semester but, I'm thankful that I did.

Min has been so nice to me for the past years. I've been depending on him ever since and for some, I know they would advice not to but in this case, I'll take any chances. He fits perfectly in my life. The great quality I like about him is that he is very patient with me especially if I forget things especially the roads! ;)
Of course, he is definitely loving and caring. It seems that my family is comfortable with him around as well which is a plus. The best part of course is that he never says "no" when I invite him for a movie date. I'm a movie-o-holic so every now and then I feel that watching a movie is a must do thing. I've once dragged him to watch High School Musical 3. I know it wasn't his cup of tea but like I said, he never says no.

I don't know how things will be in the next few years.. whether we'll end up getting married or not. But I do hope and pray that we do as he's the best thing that has ever happened to me..

This is a picture during the early days we got to know each other. Min looks very different compared to now. I look very much the same. Haha.

This is him (present). Hehe. He's a very good guy if you're interpreting this picture wrongly. ;) I was just fooling around with his dslr camera while waiting for Joanne Kam at a gym. I had to interview her for the Staying Fit & Fabulous section for NST – Life & Times paper.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh, boy...


I've got a lot of negative assumptions on me lately.. Although I've never actually heard any of them but the body language of a person can reflect what the person thinks of another. Yes.. I've tried to act normally this term. Be kind, nice, friendly and helpful.. not because I have to.. but because I want to. But I guess back stabbing is in some people's system?

Oh Gosh..

Gosh.. I have so many work to get done this term and everything is in project form! Colloquium and the Sasaran Magazine for Magazine Production subject, the community project and research for Mass Media & Society, the French dialogue video, the broadcast reporting for Investigative Reporting... a lot more actually! Oh crap...