Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trying to kill time

It's the time of the month again where your heart beats rapidly, you get anxious and sweaty palms and that time moves extremely slowly despite keeping your schedule as full as possible. Yes, it's the time that you're on a holiday after the exams (for students that is) and that as much as you want to enjoy it, you just can't due to the 'judgment day' which is creeping up on you very closely...

I couldn't sleep well for the past two nights. I kept waking up every hour.. 2am.. 3am.. then 4am.. while in Islam, normally people would get up and perform their prayers (sunat) but, I couldn't do so cause you know, it's the time of the month for us women. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't become a student.. cause of this constant feeling drives me insane. But at the same time, I love being a student. Learning new things that I probably won't gain when I work.. I remembered someone telling me that "you don't need to have a background in journalism education if you want to become a journalist. It's all about the passion in writing." Yes I admit that is true but at the same time, one of my great lecturers in UQ mentioned that the education/knowledge comes from practice. For instance, how does one discover the 5Ws and 1H (who, what, where, when, why and how) in news reporting? Practice of course! From that, whoever that discovered it turned it into knowledge where future journalism students can learn and put it in good use in their career. Well of course it's not just in the journalism field.

Anyhoo, yesterday I did a bunch of things that I would not normally do (in one day that is). Woke up, did two washings, ironed them, cooked, went to the gym then went swimming (10 laps), went back to my place then watched Babar, Arthur and Thomas & Friends (it was the only thing that was good on telly), surfed the internet, cooked again, borrowed How I Met Your Mother (the whole season 5) and it was still early! And today, I woke up, went to the Direct Factory Outlet and despite the huge sign of 'SALE's, I went out of the outlet an hour-ish later without any shopping bags! Then I went to the city, and ended up buying two bubble teas, sushi and butter chicken+rice (take away). By the time I arrived home, it was about 5pm. Tomorrow I haven't got a clue what I want to do.. the judgment day is Wednesday by the way.. so I have two more days to kill.. Maybe I'll go to the halal butcher and stock up some chicken and sausages cause my cousin is coming here for 10 days. I'm out of supplies.. She's coming over this Saturday. I want to be excited about it but right now I need to mellow the excitement down until my result comes out.. it determines what I would and can do next. Well actually it determines everything.. whether I can go back home.. whether I can go for a bestfriend getaway in Thailand (I repeat, getaway not runaway.. she's a girl and I'm engaged.. lol).. whether I can show my Chilean friends how beautiful Malaysia is.. whether I can discuss my future step with my fiance.. whether I can do my thesis next semester... EVERYTHING!

To end this rather boring entry, I would like to say...


Monday, November 15, 2010

The summer vacay officially begins!

Just as the clock struck 10am this morning, it marked my long summer vacation! Alhamdulillah the last paper which I assumed to be the toughest and wasn't looking forward to it the whole semester (Quantitative Business Research Methods), it turned out to be alright :) Well I wouldn't say that I managed to answer the whole questions cause some were tough but again it wasn't as tough as I had pictured during the first class of learning the course. I remembered how every Thursday morning after my class I would text my fiance saying "Surviveee!!" And I would yawn every now in the class and even check my watch every half past! Yes, I was struggling to comprehend what the lecturer was teaching.. And felt a huge pressure when a large percentage of the students enrolled in the course have a statistics (or equivalent) background. So imagine them bombarding questions to the lecturer while I silently nodded pretending that I understood but in reality, I was day dreaming. The lecture notes for the course were very thick and it was extremely painful when I had to print them out. I used up a lot of paper and ink to print those. Ok I admit they were helpful for the exam however, I feel guilty of killing the trees.

Anyway, after the exam, one of my classmates invited me to take a picture with her and the other classmates. I think this morning was the only time that all of us spoke to each other outside of the class. We chatted about the exams, course, the lecturer, thesis, summer vacation plans.. it was nice :) After that I went back home to perform my prayers and went out to cut my hair. I've been hopping from one salon to another and seeking for different hair stylists' help in cutting my hair into this specific hairstyle. None seemed to get it right up till today.. I was and still am ecstatic with my current hairdo! Ok ok I know that without picturing it, you wouldn't know what it looks like but before I give some brief descriptions, mind you, this is solely for self-satisfaction. Nothing more, nothing less. :) Ok about the hairdo.. I shaved my hair.. on the side like a lot and parted it sideways so you can see very much the shaved area on the right side of my hair. I've always wanted to have the same hairdo as Rihanna (but I wanted it long before she cut it that way) and finally I'm satisfied with the outcome! :D

Right after, I did a bit of grocery shopping.. bought a tray of sliced mushrooms, smoked salmon, teddy bear pastas (yeah they are shaped bear!) and cheesy cream. I'm making carbonara tonight but with bears! Teehee! Then I bought some sushi - tamago and raw salmon for lunch. Yum! That was practically it! On my way home, popped into the video store (Video Ezy) and rented Desperate Housewives. :D I'll be watching the whole season 6 (I missed a lot) tonight.. or ok.. maybe some tomorrow but, just wanted to announce that movie marathon is ON!

What other plans will I be doing during this holiday?

Tomorrow - Movie marathon? 

Wednesday - City or Direct Factory Outlet (DFO)
May be following Aaina to the City or DFO. She wants to accompany one of her classmates to buy a gift for his girlfriend.

Thursday - Climb Brisbane's Story Bridge 
Me and two of my friends will be climbing up the bridge (which is said to take us 2 1/2 hours) during twilight where we will be experiencing "the transition between day and night and be able to admire the city skyline as the sun sets and the city lights up."

Friday - Celebrate Eid at the Dreamworld Themepark. (Yes themepark!)
One of the Muslim clubs/organisation in Australia organised for all of the Muslims in Queensland to celebrate Eid at the themepark from 6pm to 10pm at a price of $15 where we will be able to enter the themepark at that low price (Dreamworld would cost you about $69 per entry), eat free halal food and of course, perform our prayers! Hoorahh!

Saturday - Dinner at Ahmet's restaurant (Lebanese I think)
Two of my bestfriends will be leaving for Malaysia for good - Aaina and Rurry. This semester are their final semester.. so in conjunction to that, all of us have decided to have a nice dinner at the restaurant with the people that we are close with here and at the same time, every Saturday nights are - Belly Dancing night! Haha! Well obviously I won't be shaking my belly.. My whole body is stiff! :-P

Sunday - Rurry's Birthday Celebration at the University of Queensland
Rurry decided to organise a birthday party for herself at one of the mini gardens in the Uni. Well actually it's called something amphitheater.. open amphitheater I think.. Her theme is "hat and tie". So everyone has to dress up with a hat and/or tie. I haven't bought a hat nor a tie yet so will hunt for it soon! :)

The following whole week will involve me tidying up my room, probably go skating, eat, sleep, watch tv, watch DVDs, drink bubble tea... hmm... that's practically it.

But 4th until 14th I'll be having a special guest at my home! :) My dear cousin Liyana! Can't wait! :D

Ok that's it for now.. it's already Maghrib. Going to pray, cook my carbonara and watch DVD. Oh I forgot.. the West Side Story Broadway was really nice!

They set up this stage outside QPAC. This isn't the stage that I watched the show.

Did I mentioned that I actually watched it alone? Hehehe! It was fun though!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I decided to delete the previous post cause it sounded ridiculous. I shouldn't be thinking about anything other than my final assignment and two exams which starts next week. At the moment, I'm studying Chapter 5 of my Cross Cultural Management text book which means that I have 7 more chapters to read. But of course, I have this big book of journals that compliments with the text book. 1 chapter, 1 journal. My mission for today is to study till Chapter 6. One day, 2 chapters.. Monday - Chapter 1 & 2, Tuesday - Chapter 3 & 4.. and so forth. It'll take me six days altogether so after, I'll still have time to go through it very briefly again. Just to refresh what I had studied in the previous days.

I genuinely like this course cause it teaches you the different cultures across the world, how to measure the differences e.g. through Hofstede's cultural dimensions (small vs. large power distance, masculinity vs. femininity, uncertainty avoidance and so forth) and Hall's communication theory (low context vs. high context communication) as well as it teaches you how to interact with them. The dos and don'ts..

My following exam would be Quantitative Business Research Methods.. it's probably the most mind boggling course I've ever encountered. It's a combination of advanced statistics and quantitative research. While I did previously studied statistics in my local uni back in Malaysia and did get a good result however, right after, I completely erased my memory on that particular course due to my lack of interest in it. Now....... I have to do it again except that it's more of an advanced level. Out of all of the classes (12 or 13 I think), I think I only managed to understand what the lecturer was talking about probably - 35%? Yeah.. I'm basically doomed..
But I promised myself that I'll study for the course starting this weekend just to get a head start.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

West Side Story (musical)

Ok I looooove musicals. My late mum exposed me to theaters (hence my short debut in Teater Kanak-Kanak: Lagenda) and such since I was little so I grew up being fond of these kind of things. So far I've watched:

2. Chicago
3. P. Ramlee the musical
4. Puteri Gunung Ledang
5. Mahsuri
6. Impak Maksima
7. Cuci the musical
8. The Merchants of Bollywood

Ok I think there's another one.. can't remember..

Anyway, on Thursday night I'll be watching West Side Story. I missed Mamma Mia! not too long ago. :-/ I know that my exam is coming up but taking a break for a couple of hours wouldn't be a harm right? Wicked is coming to Brisbane as well but in January. I'll be in Malaysia for the holidays during the time. Hurmpphh.. :(

What a day!

Ok today kicked off pretty bad.. I woke up today (without showering) and switched on my laptop to check my emails and daily deals from my favourite online store websites. It was 10-ish at the time and I figured that I would pop in the shower after I read a chapter of my text book and later head out to submit my assignment which I assumed it was due in the afternoon like other assignments. Then at 11.30am, I had this sudden urgency of checking my UQ email to re-check where I had to submit my assignment. I knew that it was at the BEL Collaborative Learning Centre but just wanted to make sure. When suddenly...... I saw my lecturer's previous email stating that it was due at 12 noon. HOLY S**T! A direct bus from my apartment to my uni is every one hour e.g. 11.40 then 12.40 and so forth.. the other method is to hop on the train in front of my apartment, stop at Toowong which is just a stop away and hop on the regular bus to uni from there. But I figured that would take me quite some time especially I wasn't sure what time was the next train and bus (no time to check the schedule!).
So I dashed into the showers (I did shampoo you know!), brushed my teeth and immediately got ready. I wore last night's clothes (the one I wore to the advanced preview but with a different cardigan). I called the cab. Without any cash on, I asked my apartment's office whether all taxis would accept my debit card and she said Yes. Phew! Thank goodness the taxi came about five minutes later. I hopped on and 10 minutes later, I was at uni. Exactly 12 noon sharp. But the time I ran (for a bit..) and walked to the BEL faculty, it was almost 12.10. Slipped in my assignment in the assignment box and prayed that there wouldn't be any time penalty.
What a day!
Of course with the whole stressfulness, I had to treat myself with a dose of bubble tea. Mr. bubble tea never fail to make me happy! The chewy pearls.. mmmmmm!
So now it's 5.20pm.. I did a bit of reading.. finished one chapter and now moving on to another chapter. Hoping that by Saturday I'm all done reading this whole textbook. Exam starts on the 11th Nov and the next paper is on the 15th Nov. I have one final assignment due on the 15th but I'm hoping that I can finish that one soon and oh of course, make sure that I check the due date and time properly!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Loved Ones review

I just got back from Event Cinemas, Indooroopilly. Watched The Loved Ones - directed by Sean Byrne. I saw the poster on the back of the public bus two weeks ago and looked pretty interesting. Then a few days ago I received an email from Event Cinemas asking whether I would like to watch the movie for free. Who wouldn't? So I filled up my details and got two pair of tickets - Mia, her boyfriend Zaf, me and my housemate Nana :)

The night kicked off with a bit of opening speech by the director and actress - Robin who played as Lola. Followed by a quick lucky draw. I didn't win those pile of DVDs. Drats! I'm a sucker for DVDs hence, my membership (free) at the local video store at the back of my apartment - Video Ezy.

Ok about the movie. The first 15-20 minutes was a tad slow.. I thought it would be a boring movie cause normally you would know if the movie is going to be great or not during the first few minutes. But I was wrong. I waited a bit longer and that was when the whole suspense and thrills came along. I won't describe the scenes to you cause it'll be a spoiler.. (not sure if Malaysia will be showing it due to some sexual scenes). The movie is more of a mixture of Prom Night and Saw. But not as gory as Saw but there are some disturbing scenes. Ok I'll just describe one scene - a guy's skull got drilled by a lunatic woman. And the guy is alive.

Normally I don't got "eeww" or "urghh" when I watch these kind of movies cause I love Saw. I watch all of them. I've yet to watch Saw 3D though. But I guess sometimes when you're surrounded with people who closes their eyes during those kind of scenes, you tend to follow them too. So yeah, there were some parts I had to hold my breath and naturally I went "urghhh and eeww". Hehe.

The leading actor and actress acted really well. Robin's role as Lola was very convincing. She played as a disturbed/lunatic woman really well. Xavier is a hotty by the way. He's one of the actors in Twilight Eclipse I think. Can't remember which one cause I keep eyeing on Jacob. :P

But anyway, I know this review isn't helpful at all cause I don't want to dish out anything but what I can say is that I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. :)

LtoR: Director Sean Byrne, (not sure) and Robin

LtoR: Mia (standing), Nana my housemate, Zaf and me :)

The Loved Ones movie

Tonight with three of my friends, we'll be watching 'The Loved Ones' for free. Yeap.. I got four free tickets to watch this and heard that there will be a Q&A session with the director and one of the actresses. I hope that the audience can participate!
I'm not sure if this movie is any good but I did read a couple of reviews and they did say that it's quite intriguing. It even got 6.9/10 from imdb. Well it's more than half anyway.. so it must be ok! Well I'll let you know the outcome of it probably tonight or tomorrow.. :)

The pile of books

Call me crazy but the last time I borrowed books from the library was probably during primary school when I was a librarian.

The six books from the top are borrowed books from yours truly the Social Sciences & Humanities as well as Law library @ UQ. Yeah I ended up borrowing a bunch of books. Not to read.. but to refer for my two final assignments which one I've already completed. :)

Statistics, Cross cultural and Law

How I met you after them.

People say that there are "plenty of fish in the sea" and there's always a "perfect someone for each individual"
They are right.

Before I met my fiance, I've been with quite a number of guys. No I'm not proud of it. I'm just saying that sometimes, there are a few obstacles that you have to face in life to get what you want to achieve. 

Anyway, honestly, the people that I had been with were all nice in their own way. But majority of the relationship, I ended it. Why? At times, you have this feeling that you are no longer compatible with that person and that it's better for things to end immediately than snowballing the feelings. Am I right? Or am I right? ;)

Before the whole dating, I remembered that my first crush was with a white guy back in my old school in Hong Kong. He had the hair like Nick Carter (middle parted hair) minus the colour. He was more of a brunette than a blonde. Unfortunately, due to my nerdy looks (with Harry Potter glasses) and baggy clothes (hey, it was a hit in the 90s!), he didn't notice me in the 'other way'. We were just ordinary classmates and occasionally we would play dodgeball during recess with our other classmates. I think he's a model now. Cause I spotted his friendster page (when it was still a cool social networking tool) years back but never added him. Rats! 

After my mother passed away and we had to move back to Malaysia for good, I got to know a boy who lived near my home. Same age, curly hair, fair skin and clever too. We got to know each other for awhile. Went dating at the playground. Hey we were still young y'know!  Then we declared as a couple but.... it lasted just for a day. Yeah, a day. He broke up with me due to my family background. Long story. Did I tell you that I was 12 at the time? Haha.

Then when I entered high school, I was still into Backstreet Boys and the whole guys with middle parted hair. I eyed on one of my classmates who had the hair style. He was into the same music as me (2Pac, Cypress Hill, Bone Thugs & Harmony), he also supports Man Utd and on top of it all, we both love skateboarding. It was.. let's just say a "match-made in heaven" at the time. We were both shy by the way so when we wanted to communicate in class, we would give each other letters through my bestfriend and 'middle man'. It was hilarious coming to think about it but cute! We would have these drawings with little hearts. Puppy love. :P I think I probably still have the letters in one of the boxes. Been moving houses. Not sure.. Anyhoo, the relationship only lasted a few months. I broke up with him cause he was a smoker. I'm pretty much an anti smoker (minus my dad of course!). I just don't find cigarettes attractive. Well apparently my bestfriend (the middle man guy) had a crush on me too. I remembered he once asked in Malay but I'll translate for you here "If I had middle parted hair, would you fancy me?" I never took it seriously so I just laughed about it. Afterall at the time, I was still with the guy whom I nicknamed him sk8erboy. And me, sk8erchick. Hence my old hotmail address - sk8erchick something something.. :P (Oh God I hope he doesn't read this). 

Ok moving on, I lost my bestfriend after he asked me to be his girlfriend when we were in Form 3. Never heard from him until recently. He added me on facebook but we hardly talk. He's really kind to me back in high school. We basically went everywhere together. We both had a BMX bike where we went to school together, skated together, went shopping - for skate stuff together. But I never fancied him in that kind of way. And of course even now. Oh don't worry.. my fiance knows about this. We (me and my fiance) even drove past his old house hoping that he still lives there. But nope.. He bought me Valentines gift despite not celebrating it. He bought me a beanie teddy bear and oh a necklace too. I still have it cause I'm the type who doesn't throw gifts away. Actually, I don't throw anything away.. just like my mother. So that one day I could look back at the old things and remember the good ol' days.

Right.. again, moving on. After Form 1, I didn't have any boyfriend up until Form 5. I wasn't interested in having any at the time. Not that I wanted to focus on my studies or anything, I guess I was pretty much occupied with my Police Cadet life. Yeah, I was in the Police Cadet club - a sergeant to be exact. :) Together with my bestfriend Azira, we managed the whole club. It was such an exciting feeling. :) In Form 5, I dated someone briefly but he dumped me right before the SPM exam claiming that he was going to study abroad after the exam. While I thought he was telling the truth, apparently not! I was surprised to see him in the same campus where I studied. I think he was studying Nursing. LOL. Not sure.. Anyway, while he wanted to be closed to me again, I was in a relationship with a guy who I had my sights on since the first day of class during diploma. I remembered me and one of my bestfriends targeted those who were good looking. Out of the few, I managed to hook up with one of them and boy, was I happy at the time! HaHa. The relationship like the previous, ended several months later. I ended it due to allegations by people on him. I won't give out details but whether it is true or not, I have no idea. But then we got back together the following semester and suddenly... he broke up with me. I guess what goes around comes around or in simpler words, Karma. Three days after the break up, I saw him holding hands with another girl. It got me so devastated that even my friends ignored me. Probably cause I cried too much. Coming to think about it, it was pretty hilarious yet humiliating! To end the whole misery, me and my bestfriend Azira went out to meet our old schoolmates. That was when I hooked up with one of my ex classmates back in school. It probably lasted three months which I called it off. Can't remember the exact reason! But he was nice by the way. Rebound guy? Nah.. It was just not meant to be.

Then I dated another of my coursemates in my uni. This time it was quite serious. He met my family (but never the other way around). We dated for several months.. actually 3 months. Most of my relationships lasted for 3 months. Again, I broke up with him. The reason? It's best not to dish out everything :) After that I promised myself not to fall in love again for a year at least. And yes, it was a success. Right after, I met my current fiance through two of my friends. Let's just say, they were my matchmakers. He studied in the same course as me but not in the same class but during degree, we both majored in different areas. He studied broadcasting and I did journalism. :) How he popped the question? I was visiting my grandma (late mom's side) in Kedah for several days and he brought me to Penang one day. We were watching The Omen in one of the cinemas and that was when he popped the question nervously (during the commercial) and not wanting to look eager and desperate, I hesitated for a bit and said YES! D'uh.. Afterall, I've been waiting for him to pop the question for quite some time. We dated for quite some time. But anyway, it was worthwhile. Afterall, we are now happily engaged! :)

When's the big day? We have a rough idea when we want it but I must say Insha Allah soon.. :) 

Moral of this post: Sometimes, you have to 'jump' from one relationship to another to find the perfect someone. Maybe you just got out of a relationship and you are hurt inside but remember there's always someone for you.. :)