Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is the world coming to an end?

I watched the preview of 2012 today and boy, was I scared to death throughout the whole movie! Why? My mind was thinking about whether the myth is TRUE. And whether the Mayan's calculations are in fact accurate. Well, obviously the movie did captivate and moved me. The whole visuals (despite the over-reliance on CGI) were pretty realistic and it showed the impacts such as building collapsing, tidal waves, volcano eruptions...etc. It was mind-blowing!

As I was working on my real review of the movie, I came across a website and, it was a website on the prediction! It did give me goosebumps especially when there's a countdown timer stating how many days, hours, minutes and seconds we have left for 21.12.2012. And since it's 11.35pm right now, well, we have exactly 1136 days, 18 hours and 35 minutes left! Great.. does that mean I won't be able to get married and have kids? I would only be 26 by then.. But, one thing I'm curious about the countdown.. would it imply to my time zone or another? Cause Malaysia is about 12 hours ahead of the States you know. And since we all know that the end of days = Earth destroyed into little pieces at once, then would I gain a few more hours if I flew to the States?

But don't you worry about me.. I'm not a whole believer on that. I do trust that the end of days will occur on a Friday.. like what Islam states. Yes, I know 21.12.2012 is on a Friday but, nobody knows when exactly the world will come to an end. It could be this coming Friday, probably the next.. It's a secret that God has kept from us. He only gives hints - like wars, global warming...

Back to the movie, I think 2012 is probably the best disaster movie that Roland Emmerich has ever directed. Yes, I've watched his previous directions including Stargate, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow and Indepedence Day.. why? Cause I think it scared the shit of all of those who watched it just now. What does bother me in this movie is that, it showed on how rich and powerful people are the ones that will survive. If you don't have any money to buy a seat in the Ark (the ship that will save those in it from the disaster), then goodbye! Oh, and you need a plane as well.. to fly to China where the Ark is being built.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Senario The Movie Ep. 2: The Beach Boys

Yes, I watched Senario's latest flick recently during its preview. It's coming to you next Thursday (Nov 19) incase if you're wondering..

Senario has been in this industry for ages.... I can't remember when I first saw them but I think it was during my primary school years. At the time, they were new.. still fresh, funny.. and whatever silly jokes that they made, I would laugh out loud. I even went to see their performance at one of the hotels in Terengganu when we went back to my dad's hometown. And yes, I enjoyed it...

The first two movies that enjoyed was the one where they worked at a funfair and the other was the one with the roti canai scene.. I can't recall what the titles were. But they were both hilarious back then.. Next they acted in other Senario movies including Lang Buana which until now I have yet to watch.. or not.. donno...

In this latest flick, it's the continuation of the first episode and probably the rest.. where this time the boys have partners! Yes, the ladies! In all of their movies, they are always single.. So I guess that's one interesting point in this movie. Another would probably be the Kelantanese/Thai speaking girl whom falls in love with Wahid. Most of the time she speaks of the language which I hardly understood (I had to read the subtitles!) and one ok-lah kelakar lah jugak part was when she spoke in Thai and Wahid had to remind her that Senario is a Malay movie.

In addition, Lan Pet Pet as an aerobic instructor was funny as well.. but the scene was so short that I didn't get the chance to giggle.

What was bothering me in the movie was Azlee's ability to cross his eyes... Well, everyone knows that he could do that.. and that he has been doing that probably in all of his movies (correction, the Senario movies that I watched). It was too excessive and it was no longer funny.. And as for Lan Pet Pet, I am fascinated with his ability to create so many sounds with his lips but this time it was very excessive as well and probably in all scenes, he would do it! From the usual trumpet sound to plane crash..

The story telling was interesting.. the whole situation where the boys wanted to go for holiday but ended up helping the resort owner attract guests.. but the dialogs were a bit dull.. and not so funny.. throughout the movie I could count how many times I made a small giggle because it was truly funny - five times?

Anyway, overall, I would give it a 5 over 10.. It wasn't that intriguing compared to the first two Senario movies. I guess I am no longer their target audience.. it's time for the new kids to enjoy..

A little insight on the upcoming movie, Planet 51

So, Planet 51 is coming out soon... Malaysia: Nov 19..

Well, it's an animated alien action comedy that revolves around an astronaut named Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker (voice by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) who lands on Planet 51 from Earth thinking that he is the first person to step foot on it.
To his surprise, he finds a planet that is inhabited by little green aliens and whose only fear is that it will be invaded by aliens such as Chuck!
Now that the aliens are panicking, with the help of his robot companion "Rover" and his new friend Lem (voice by Justin Long) Chuck has to go back to his ship in less than 72 hours before it flies back to Earth without him.
The problem is, the alien armies has surrounded the ship! This is where the action begins....
What do I think about it?
To compare with Pixar and DreamWorks production, Planet 51 produced by Ilion Animations Studios did a great job in terms of visuals and the characters created are interesting. The colours and details shown in the movie are breathtaking as well!
But personally, it's a tad draggy for an animation.. and the story telling was a bit boring... Halfway I wanted to doze off (which never happened)! Not to be rude or anything but it was too typical..
As for those who lended their voice in the movie, The Rock as Chuck, well, since I'm so used to watching him as a black-haired-guy, this time, seeing him as an animation character with blonde hair, didn't feel right.. The rest was alright.. Justin Long, Jessica Biel..
I think it's actually Ilion Animations Studios' first creation. They are from Spain by the way... but if it is their first creation, then I definitely salute them eventhough the story telling part was quite dull. This is due to the beautiful visuals and due to me thinking that it was another Pixar/DreamWorks creation. Because I've been fooled, I would like to give this movie a 6.5 over 10.

I know I have a sucky review.. I can't comment much as this movie is yet to be released next week and my real review in the papers won't be out until next Thursday!

The All American Rejects concert


Voila! The signatures by yours truly, The All American Rejects when they came down to Malaysia for the DiGi Live concert. Tyson drew the AAR logo in the middle by the way. Pretty sweet of him!
I managed to do a one-on-one interview with Tyson and Nick hours before the concert. Nick was definitely the talkative and bubbly one compared to Tyson.. but Tyson definitely knows how to communicate with his fans when he's on stage.

Altogether the bands sang 14 songs that night.. it was amazing.. I think way better than Good Charlotte's concert when DiGi brought them as well. The hilarious thing about the concert that night was seeing the 15k crowd sardined at the Car Park A, Bukit Jalil for hours! Imagine the pamphlet stating the concert starts at 6pm but instead, the American rock band showed up at 9.30pm! That's like 3 1/2 hours! Thank God for the very-minimal-people at the Media & VIP platform. Or else, I would probably be squeezed to death!
This is what I meant by 'sardined'...