Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd semester is over :)

Now that the results are finally out via sms (it's a trial run..), I can now officially say, my second semester is OVER. I have one semester left and I hope that I will do well for that too.. My results are similar as last semester. To be precise, the exact same grades. LOL. I'm glad that the course that I was worried the most - Quantitative Business Research Methods (statistics) got the highest out of the two courses that I enjoyed learning throughout the semester. Which is very weird.. but nevermind! Woohoo! I mean.. Alhamduillah :)

My cousin is coming over for 10 days starting this Saturday now I can't wait to plan great things with her! It's going to be fantastic! And of course, can't wait to go back home, have the Thailand getaway with Farhana ;), show Malaysia to my two Chilean friends and of course, head back here for the final semester..

I was supposed to sleep awhile ago but the text 'shocked' me.. Not in a bad way actually.. I expected it to be sent at 6am but thrilled that they sent it early cause now I can doze off like a baby :)

Goodnight people!