Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trying to kill time

It's the time of the month again where your heart beats rapidly, you get anxious and sweaty palms and that time moves extremely slowly despite keeping your schedule as full as possible. Yes, it's the time that you're on a holiday after the exams (for students that is) and that as much as you want to enjoy it, you just can't due to the 'judgment day' which is creeping up on you very closely...

I couldn't sleep well for the past two nights. I kept waking up every hour.. 2am.. 3am.. then 4am.. while in Islam, normally people would get up and perform their prayers (sunat) but, I couldn't do so cause you know, it's the time of the month for us women. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't become a student.. cause of this constant feeling drives me insane. But at the same time, I love being a student. Learning new things that I probably won't gain when I work.. I remembered someone telling me that "you don't need to have a background in journalism education if you want to become a journalist. It's all about the passion in writing." Yes I admit that is true but at the same time, one of my great lecturers in UQ mentioned that the education/knowledge comes from practice. For instance, how does one discover the 5Ws and 1H (who, what, where, when, why and how) in news reporting? Practice of course! From that, whoever that discovered it turned it into knowledge where future journalism students can learn and put it in good use in their career. Well of course it's not just in the journalism field.

Anyhoo, yesterday I did a bunch of things that I would not normally do (in one day that is). Woke up, did two washings, ironed them, cooked, went to the gym then went swimming (10 laps), went back to my place then watched Babar, Arthur and Thomas & Friends (it was the only thing that was good on telly), surfed the internet, cooked again, borrowed How I Met Your Mother (the whole season 5) and it was still early! And today, I woke up, went to the Direct Factory Outlet and despite the huge sign of 'SALE's, I went out of the outlet an hour-ish later without any shopping bags! Then I went to the city, and ended up buying two bubble teas, sushi and butter chicken+rice (take away). By the time I arrived home, it was about 5pm. Tomorrow I haven't got a clue what I want to do.. the judgment day is Wednesday by the way.. so I have two more days to kill.. Maybe I'll go to the halal butcher and stock up some chicken and sausages cause my cousin is coming here for 10 days. I'm out of supplies.. She's coming over this Saturday. I want to be excited about it but right now I need to mellow the excitement down until my result comes out.. it determines what I would and can do next. Well actually it determines everything.. whether I can go back home.. whether I can go for a bestfriend getaway in Thailand (I repeat, getaway not runaway.. she's a girl and I'm engaged.. lol).. whether I can show my Chilean friends how beautiful Malaysia is.. whether I can discuss my future step with my fiance.. whether I can do my thesis next semester... EVERYTHING!

To end this rather boring entry, I would like to say...