Tuesday, November 2, 2010

West Side Story (musical)

Ok I looooove musicals. My late mum exposed me to theaters (hence my short debut in Teater Kanak-Kanak: Lagenda) and such since I was little so I grew up being fond of these kind of things. So far I've watched:

2. Chicago
3. P. Ramlee the musical
4. Puteri Gunung Ledang
5. Mahsuri
6. Impak Maksima
7. Cuci the musical
8. The Merchants of Bollywood

Ok I think there's another one.. can't remember..

Anyway, on Thursday night I'll be watching West Side Story. I missed Mamma Mia! not too long ago. :-/ I know that my exam is coming up but taking a break for a couple of hours wouldn't be a harm right? Wicked is coming to Brisbane as well but in January. I'll be in Malaysia for the holidays during the time. Hurmpphh.. :(

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