Monday, November 15, 2010

The summer vacay officially begins!

Just as the clock struck 10am this morning, it marked my long summer vacation! Alhamdulillah the last paper which I assumed to be the toughest and wasn't looking forward to it the whole semester (Quantitative Business Research Methods), it turned out to be alright :) Well I wouldn't say that I managed to answer the whole questions cause some were tough but again it wasn't as tough as I had pictured during the first class of learning the course. I remembered how every Thursday morning after my class I would text my fiance saying "Surviveee!!" And I would yawn every now in the class and even check my watch every half past! Yes, I was struggling to comprehend what the lecturer was teaching.. And felt a huge pressure when a large percentage of the students enrolled in the course have a statistics (or equivalent) background. So imagine them bombarding questions to the lecturer while I silently nodded pretending that I understood but in reality, I was day dreaming. The lecture notes for the course were very thick and it was extremely painful when I had to print them out. I used up a lot of paper and ink to print those. Ok I admit they were helpful for the exam however, I feel guilty of killing the trees.

Anyway, after the exam, one of my classmates invited me to take a picture with her and the other classmates. I think this morning was the only time that all of us spoke to each other outside of the class. We chatted about the exams, course, the lecturer, thesis, summer vacation plans.. it was nice :) After that I went back home to perform my prayers and went out to cut my hair. I've been hopping from one salon to another and seeking for different hair stylists' help in cutting my hair into this specific hairstyle. None seemed to get it right up till today.. I was and still am ecstatic with my current hairdo! Ok ok I know that without picturing it, you wouldn't know what it looks like but before I give some brief descriptions, mind you, this is solely for self-satisfaction. Nothing more, nothing less. :) Ok about the hairdo.. I shaved my hair.. on the side like a lot and parted it sideways so you can see very much the shaved area on the right side of my hair. I've always wanted to have the same hairdo as Rihanna (but I wanted it long before she cut it that way) and finally I'm satisfied with the outcome! :D

Right after, I did a bit of grocery shopping.. bought a tray of sliced mushrooms, smoked salmon, teddy bear pastas (yeah they are shaped bear!) and cheesy cream. I'm making carbonara tonight but with bears! Teehee! Then I bought some sushi - tamago and raw salmon for lunch. Yum! That was practically it! On my way home, popped into the video store (Video Ezy) and rented Desperate Housewives. :D I'll be watching the whole season 6 (I missed a lot) tonight.. or ok.. maybe some tomorrow but, just wanted to announce that movie marathon is ON!

What other plans will I be doing during this holiday?

Tomorrow - Movie marathon? 

Wednesday - City or Direct Factory Outlet (DFO)
May be following Aaina to the City or DFO. She wants to accompany one of her classmates to buy a gift for his girlfriend.

Thursday - Climb Brisbane's Story Bridge 
Me and two of my friends will be climbing up the bridge (which is said to take us 2 1/2 hours) during twilight where we will be experiencing "the transition between day and night and be able to admire the city skyline as the sun sets and the city lights up."

Friday - Celebrate Eid at the Dreamworld Themepark. (Yes themepark!)
One of the Muslim clubs/organisation in Australia organised for all of the Muslims in Queensland to celebrate Eid at the themepark from 6pm to 10pm at a price of $15 where we will be able to enter the themepark at that low price (Dreamworld would cost you about $69 per entry), eat free halal food and of course, perform our prayers! Hoorahh!

Saturday - Dinner at Ahmet's restaurant (Lebanese I think)
Two of my bestfriends will be leaving for Malaysia for good - Aaina and Rurry. This semester are their final semester.. so in conjunction to that, all of us have decided to have a nice dinner at the restaurant with the people that we are close with here and at the same time, every Saturday nights are - Belly Dancing night! Haha! Well obviously I won't be shaking my belly.. My whole body is stiff! :-P

Sunday - Rurry's Birthday Celebration at the University of Queensland
Rurry decided to organise a birthday party for herself at one of the mini gardens in the Uni. Well actually it's called something amphitheater.. open amphitheater I think.. Her theme is "hat and tie". So everyone has to dress up with a hat and/or tie. I haven't bought a hat nor a tie yet so will hunt for it soon! :)

The following whole week will involve me tidying up my room, probably go skating, eat, sleep, watch tv, watch DVDs, drink bubble tea... hmm... that's practically it.

But 4th until 14th I'll be having a special guest at my home! :) My dear cousin Liyana! Can't wait! :D

Ok that's it for now.. it's already Maghrib. Going to pray, cook my carbonara and watch DVD. Oh I forgot.. the West Side Story Broadway was really nice!

They set up this stage outside QPAC. This isn't the stage that I watched the show.

Did I mentioned that I actually watched it alone? Hehehe! It was fun though!

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