Monday, November 1, 2010

The Loved Ones review

I just got back from Event Cinemas, Indooroopilly. Watched The Loved Ones - directed by Sean Byrne. I saw the poster on the back of the public bus two weeks ago and looked pretty interesting. Then a few days ago I received an email from Event Cinemas asking whether I would like to watch the movie for free. Who wouldn't? So I filled up my details and got two pair of tickets - Mia, her boyfriend Zaf, me and my housemate Nana :)

The night kicked off with a bit of opening speech by the director and actress - Robin who played as Lola. Followed by a quick lucky draw. I didn't win those pile of DVDs. Drats! I'm a sucker for DVDs hence, my membership (free) at the local video store at the back of my apartment - Video Ezy.

Ok about the movie. The first 15-20 minutes was a tad slow.. I thought it would be a boring movie cause normally you would know if the movie is going to be great or not during the first few minutes. But I was wrong. I waited a bit longer and that was when the whole suspense and thrills came along. I won't describe the scenes to you cause it'll be a spoiler.. (not sure if Malaysia will be showing it due to some sexual scenes). The movie is more of a mixture of Prom Night and Saw. But not as gory as Saw but there are some disturbing scenes. Ok I'll just describe one scene - a guy's skull got drilled by a lunatic woman. And the guy is alive.

Normally I don't got "eeww" or "urghh" when I watch these kind of movies cause I love Saw. I watch all of them. I've yet to watch Saw 3D though. But I guess sometimes when you're surrounded with people who closes their eyes during those kind of scenes, you tend to follow them too. So yeah, there were some parts I had to hold my breath and naturally I went "urghhh and eeww". Hehe.

The leading actor and actress acted really well. Robin's role as Lola was very convincing. She played as a disturbed/lunatic woman really well. Xavier is a hotty by the way. He's one of the actors in Twilight Eclipse I think. Can't remember which one cause I keep eyeing on Jacob. :P

But anyway, I know this review isn't helpful at all cause I don't want to dish out anything but what I can say is that I'll give it a 6.5 out of 10. :)

LtoR: Director Sean Byrne, (not sure) and Robin

LtoR: Mia (standing), Nana my housemate, Zaf and me :)

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