Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a day!

Ok today kicked off pretty bad.. I woke up today (without showering) and switched on my laptop to check my emails and daily deals from my favourite online store websites. It was 10-ish at the time and I figured that I would pop in the shower after I read a chapter of my text book and later head out to submit my assignment which I assumed it was due in the afternoon like other assignments. Then at 11.30am, I had this sudden urgency of checking my UQ email to re-check where I had to submit my assignment. I knew that it was at the BEL Collaborative Learning Centre but just wanted to make sure. When suddenly...... I saw my lecturer's previous email stating that it was due at 12 noon. HOLY S**T! A direct bus from my apartment to my uni is every one hour e.g. 11.40 then 12.40 and so forth.. the other method is to hop on the train in front of my apartment, stop at Toowong which is just a stop away and hop on the regular bus to uni from there. But I figured that would take me quite some time especially I wasn't sure what time was the next train and bus (no time to check the schedule!).
So I dashed into the showers (I did shampoo you know!), brushed my teeth and immediately got ready. I wore last night's clothes (the one I wore to the advanced preview but with a different cardigan). I called the cab. Without any cash on, I asked my apartment's office whether all taxis would accept my debit card and she said Yes. Phew! Thank goodness the taxi came about five minutes later. I hopped on and 10 minutes later, I was at uni. Exactly 12 noon sharp. But the time I ran (for a bit..) and walked to the BEL faculty, it was almost 12.10. Slipped in my assignment in the assignment box and prayed that there wouldn't be any time penalty.
What a day!
Of course with the whole stressfulness, I had to treat myself with a dose of bubble tea. Mr. bubble tea never fail to make me happy! The chewy pearls.. mmmmmm!
So now it's 5.20pm.. I did a bit of reading.. finished one chapter and now moving on to another chapter. Hoping that by Saturday I'm all done reading this whole textbook. Exam starts on the 11th Nov and the next paper is on the 15th Nov. I have one final assignment due on the 15th but I'm hoping that I can finish that one soon and oh of course, make sure that I check the due date and time properly!

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