Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I decided to delete the previous post cause it sounded ridiculous. I shouldn't be thinking about anything other than my final assignment and two exams which starts next week. At the moment, I'm studying Chapter 5 of my Cross Cultural Management text book which means that I have 7 more chapters to read. But of course, I have this big book of journals that compliments with the text book. 1 chapter, 1 journal. My mission for today is to study till Chapter 6. One day, 2 chapters.. Monday - Chapter 1 & 2, Tuesday - Chapter 3 & 4.. and so forth. It'll take me six days altogether so after, I'll still have time to go through it very briefly again. Just to refresh what I had studied in the previous days.

I genuinely like this course cause it teaches you the different cultures across the world, how to measure the differences e.g. through Hofstede's cultural dimensions (small vs. large power distance, masculinity vs. femininity, uncertainty avoidance and so forth) and Hall's communication theory (low context vs. high context communication) as well as it teaches you how to interact with them. The dos and don'ts..

My following exam would be Quantitative Business Research Methods.. it's probably the most mind boggling course I've ever encountered. It's a combination of advanced statistics and quantitative research. While I did previously studied statistics in my local uni back in Malaysia and did get a good result however, right after, I completely erased my memory on that particular course due to my lack of interest in it. Now....... I have to do it again except that it's more of an advanced level. Out of all of the classes (12 or 13 I think), I think I only managed to understand what the lecturer was talking about probably - 35%? Yeah.. I'm basically doomed..
But I promised myself that I'll study for the course starting this weekend just to get a head start.

Wish me luck!


masmuni said...

I always hate statistic, and guess what, I'm taking advanced statistic this semester *boo*

so I understand how you feel right now...

Anyway, good luck!! XD

Elena Tengku said...

Ah statistics... you know what's depressing? Almost every morning the lecturer would play this

Because of the word 'STAT' in the group's name - Statler Brothers. The first few times was ok cause it sounded nice.. then macam.. urgh...
Oh and he wished that he had the exact costume.. LOL!